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Fiction Archives

Gary Allen, "Remittance," Winter 2001.

Tim Arnzen, "Montana Strawberries," Summer 2001.

David Bain, "Lost in the Snow," Winter 2003.

Gary Battershell, "Snip, Fidget, Boggle and Greeb," Spring 2001.

Mary Jane Beaufrand, "Uninvited," Winter 2002.

Daniel J. Bishop, "Acting the Legend," Winter 2001.

Daniel J. Bishop, "The Pilgrimage", Summer 2003.

Daniel J. Bishop, "Raven Saves the Day," Summer 2001.

Daniel J. Bishop, "The Sealbone Knife", Spring 2003.

Daniel J. Bishop, "Valley of Song," Autumn 2003.

Marti Booker, "Milagros," Summer 2000.

David Bowlin, "Reflections of the Damned," Spring 2000.

David Bowlin, "A Summer Night's Rain," Autumn 2002.

David Bowlin, "The Turtle God," Spring 2002.

David Bowlin, "The World as it was Back Then," Spring 2001.

Terry Bramlett, "Don't Miss Me," Spring 2000.

John A. Broussard, "Aomori Samurai", Spring 2003.

John A. Broussard, "Mana - A Legend," Winter 2002.

John A. Broussard, "The Road to Hilo", Summer 2003.

John A. Broussard, "The White Mountain - A Legend," Autumn 2002.

Alan Bruce, "The Bloodsword," Spring 2000.

Alan Bruce, "Lochlan," Winter 2000.

Elizabeth Burton, "Simple Sarah and Slippery Sam," Summer 2000.

Mordant Carnival, "Cold Jenny," Spring 2004.

Christine Cornell, "Dating Game," Summer 2002.

Chris Dauten, "The Visit," Spring 2004.

Stephen Crane Davidson, "The Dance," Winter 1999.

Stephen Crane Davidson, "Jennie Janes, the Pistol Packing, Wheelchair Rolling, Licensed Demon Hunter," Spring 2002.

Stephen Crane Davidson, "Jennie Janes the Pistol Toting, Wheelchair Rolling, Licensed Demon Hunter Takes on the Demons in Preacher Bob's Room of Repentance," Winter 2000.

Barbara Davies, "Morris and the Unicorn", Summer 2003.

Edmund X. DeJesus, "The Story," Winter 2003.

Kevin Dole 2, "The Cat Inside", Summer 2003.

James S. Dorr, "The Blade of Gudrin," Spring 2001.

Linda J. Dunn, "Love, Lies and Illusions," Autumn 2001.

Linda J. Dunn, "The Ungifted One," Summer 2001.

Jack Fisher, "Something," Autumn 2000.

Abigail Friedman, "Intimate Strangers," Winter 2003.

Lazette Gifford, "Into Darkness," Winter 2001.

Lazette Gifford, "Would That It Were," Summer 2002.

Tahsin Guner, "I, Goldfish," Autumn 2001.

Megan Hallam, "Davi," December 1998.

Pat Hartsfield, "Alien Utopia," Winter 2002.

Angeline Hawkes-Craig, "The Heir", Spring 2003.

Angeline Hawkes-Craig, "The Milk Woman's Daughter," Autumn 2002.

Virgil Hervey, "The Tale of the Accountant and the Mechanical Fish," Autumn 2001.

Gene-Michael Higney, "Snow Blight and the Seven Dorks; A Dysfunctional Fairy Tale," Winter 1999.

Kate Hill, "The Death of Medusa," Summer 2000.

Rob Hunter, "The Flags of All Nations Hors D'oeuvre Toothpicks Caper," Winter 2003.

Stuart Jaffe, "The Typist," Autumn 2000.

Shawn James, "Adept," Autumn 2000.

Laura L. Jaworski, "Ashes in the Hearth," Autumn 2003.

Gwyneth Jones, "The Lovers," Winter 2000.

Gail Kavanagh, "Heat", Spring 2003.

James Brian King, "Tiger of the Night," Spring 2004.

Karen L. Kobylarz, "Expecting Miracles," Spring 2002.

Polycarp Kusch, "Hyram and the Fish Who Spoke French (A Latvian Tale of Linguistic Adventure)," Autumn 2001.

D.F. Lewis, "Wild Honey," Autumn 2001.

K. Bird Lincoln, NewBorn," Winter 2003.

K. Bird Lincoln, "Red Plum Blossoms," Spring 2000.

Marissa K. Lingen, "Fair Use," Spring 2004.

Cynthia Litts, "Wiffle Baby," Spring 2004.

Bent Lorentzen, "Dragonslayer," Spring 2000.

Bent Lorentzen, "The Hero's Mask," Winter 1999.

Bent Lorentzen, "The Treehouse," Summer 2002.

Lyn McConchie, "A Murder by Mistake," Spring 2004.

Carlton Mellick III, "Multiple Personalities," Autumn 2000.

Megan Messinger, "Bedtime Story," Summer 2002.

Lawrence Miller, "A Bad Day at Work," March 1999.

Lawrence Miller, "Neogenesis," September 1998.

P. Andrew Miller, "Esmerelda's Web," Autumn 2003.

Angela D. Mitchell, "Until My Dancing Days Are Done...," Autumn 2003.

Ché Monro, "The Fisherman's Tears and the Sea King's Daughter," Winter 2002.

Troy Morash, "The Farmer's Tools," Autumn 2002.

Troy Morash, "The Old Muds," Spring 2002.

Troy Morash, "The Pheasant and the Fox," Winter 2002.

Troy Morash, "The Two Carpenters," Winter 2001.

Troy Morash, "When There Was No Water", Spring 2003.

Nora M. Mulligan, "Love's Sweet Song," Summer 2000.

Nora M. Mulligan, "Mother's Love," Spring 2002.

David Murphy, "White Flame of Ealga," Spring 2001.

Beverle Graves Myers, "A Baroque Phantom," Summer 2001.

Daniel A. Olivas, "The Horned Toad," Winter 1999.

Melissa Pinol, "The Hartville Ghost," Summer 2000.

Megan Powell, "Medea in Athens," October 1998.

Megan Powell, "Pinocchia," January 1999.

David Randall, "The Devil and the Shoemaker," August 1998.

David Randall, "Jenny the Sew and the Elf Prince," Winter 1999.

David Randall, "Losing Heart," February 1999.

David Randall, "The Resurrection and Second Coming of Fiorello H. LaGuardia," November 1998.

Christine G. Richardson, "Farewell to Eden", Summer 2003.

Christine G. Richardson, "Katzi's Wonderful Plant," Autumn 2003.

Christine G. Richardson, "Pandora's Quest," Summer 2002.

Christine G. Richardson, "Pretty Maids All in a Row," Winter 2000.

Shauna Roberts, "Insipid Love Songs," Autumn 2003.

Stephen D. Rogers, "Bringing Home the Bacon," Winter 1999.

Stephen D. Rogers, "The Dragon Lady," Summer 2000.

Stephen D. Rogers, "Milking the Dragon," Summer 2001.

Stephen D. Rogers, "Just Right," Spring 2000.

John B. Rosenman, "In His Own Image," Spring 2001.

Tony Ruggiero, "The Gift that Keeps on a Givin'," Spring 2000.

Vincent Sakowski, "A Martyrdom of Fashion-Slaves," Summer 2001.

Vincent Sakowski, "The Tale of the Beautiful Princess and the Wonderful Prince (Abridged Version)," Summer 2002.

Vincent Sakowski, "The Wild and Wacky Misadventures of Hans Kafka, Franz Kafka's Little Known (and Misunderstood) Imbecilic Half-Brother," Autumn 2003.

L. Joseph Shosty, "Soul of the Sea," Spring 2002.

Niko Silvester, "Come-From-Away," Winter 2001.

Niko Silvester, "A Gift of Bones and Motley Feathers," Autumn 2002.

H. Turnip Smith, "Giacomo's Revenge," Spring 2000.

H. Turnip Smith, "An Incident at War," Summer 2000.

H. Turnip Smith, "A Song of Sixpence," Spring 2001.

Janice Statham, "A Winter's Tale," Summer 2002.

W. Gregory Stewart, "Andevery," Spring 2001.

Mark Sutton, "Wisdom Divine," Autumn 2001.

Stephen Tennant, "Steel and Bones," Winter 2000.

G. W. Thomas, "Dragons," Autumn 2000.

G. W. Thomas, "Medusa's Head," Autumn 2000.

G. W. Thomas, "The Muse," Autumn 2000.

G. W. Thomas, "Nekronomikon," Autumn 2000.

G. W. Thomas, "The Vampyre," Autumn 2000.

Jason Tucker, "Beneath February Stars," Winter 2002.

William John Watkins, "The Wyzzard Kings of Wailes," Autumn 2001.

Bill Vernon, "Holy Cow," Spring 2000.

Chrissie Ward, "In the River", Spring 2003.

William John Watkins, "The Only Way a Dragon Can Be Killed", Summer 2003.

Stephanie Dyrkacz Weidner, "The Misfit Corner," Winter 1999.

Patrick Welch, "Blue Notes," Spring 2002.

Patrick Welch, "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road," Autumn 2002.

Patrick Welch, "Light Presence," Winter 2003.

Shannon Wendt, "The Sorcerer's Stone," Summer 2000.

D. Harlan Wilson, "My Barbarian," Winter 2001.

Simon Wood, "Come in Number 5," Spring 2002.

Simon Wood, "Runway Three-Seven," Winter 2000.

Mark Yohalem, "Messages," Winter 2002.