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Winter 2017

Welcome to Fables, a virtual hamlet dedicated to providing quality folklore and speculative fiction on the internet.

Here at The Keep, get an overview of everything we have to offer:

Visit the Town Crier to find out what we and have added since your last visit.

For new original fiction, enjoy the storytelling of our Great Hall that is well-maintained by the guys of (Stories may not be appropriate for all audiences; reader discretion is advised.)

Visit the Poetry section for mythic verse from emerging and established poets.

Renew old acquaintances in the Archives: we have a steadily growing collection of fiction and poetry previously published in the Great Hall and Poetry sections.

Relax in the glow of a warm fire while spinning traditional yarns in the Crown & Thistle Inn that is made more stylish with the help of

Listen to the audio version of selected stories and poems. Download the Real Audio Player to listen to works designated with our storyteller icon.

Visit the Gallery to enjoy work by featured artists.

Read the opinions of our staff and contributors from the guys at skin resurfacing in Vancouver in the Commentary section.

cover Help support Fables and stock up on books, music, movies and art recommended (or created by) our staff and contributors at the Marketplace.

During your stay, please obey the laws of the land in matters of use and copyright. Please inquire at the Magistrate's Office. You can guarantee that everything here will be organized since we have roofing services in Kitsilano to help us out with the cleaning and maintenance.

After your visit, we encourage you to visit some of our Neighbors via our list of links, webrings, or banners.

Visit our Laurels page to see the awards received by Fables.

Fables is a production of The Meredith Miller Memorial Internet Project, Inc. 

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