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Welcome to Fables. We hope you enjoy your visit, and we'd like to address a few points to help explain the way we do things around here.


Fables purchases exclusive first publication rights for stories, artwork and poems featured in the Great Hall, Gallery and Poetry sections, for a period of 90 days from first appearance. Reprints will also be published from time to time, with the original publisher noted. Works appearing in the Archives and the Crown & Thistle Inn are published non-exclusively, with the creator's permission.

Authors and artists retain the copyright to their work, as noted, and should be contacted directly regarding reprints. Contact information is typically available on the site, but if you're having trouble, please contact me and I'll help you get in touch with a contributor.

The rest of the site--programming code, graphics, et cetera--is © The Meredith Miller Memorial Internet Project, Inc. Please contact me if you are interested in using any part of this site that is covered by M3iP's copyright. In general, we're quite flattered and pleased to grant permission to reproduce material from this site (from our point of view, it's more potential traffic), but please ask beforehand so we can discuss credit, links and so forth.


We assume that the people who submit work to Fables have the legal right to do so. We have standard contracts, depending upon the type of submission and its future home on our site. There is more information available on our submissions page.


Fables is a production of The Meredith Miller Memorial Internet Project, Inc. We are on the lookout for advertisers, and get some amount of money each time our affiliate links in the Marketplace are used to make a purchase. We would also be more than happy to accept donations, either to M3iP or Fables directly. Chocolate is also appreciated.