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Azam Ali, "Impermanence," Autumn 2001.

Azam Ali, "The Mortal Seed," Autumn 2001.

Anastasia Andersen, "The Lost Tapestry", Summer 2003.

Arlene Ang, "Lost World", Spring 2003.

Matt Bahntge, "The Crusader," Spring 2001.

Sabina C. Becker, "The Long Man," Spring 2002.

Tom Behnke, "Eterness", Summer 2003.

Daniel J. Bishop, "Beast," Winter 2003.

Daniel J. Bishop, "Evensong," Winter 2002.

Daniel J. Bishop, "Roses," Winter 2003.

Bruce Boston, "After a Statue of Pan," Summer 2002.

Bruce Boston, "Curse of Medusa's Husband," Autumn 2000.

Bruce Boston, "Curse of the Incubus' Wife," Summer 2002.

Bruce Boston, "Green Sea", Summer 2003.

Bruce Boston, "Rara Avis," Autumn 2000.

Bruce Boston, "Tale of the Crone Goddess," Winter 2000.

Bruce Boston, "Uroboros," Winter 2000.

Cathy Buburuz, "Poetry Demon," Autumn 2001.

Cathy Buburuz, "The Wrath of Dignity," Summer 2001.

Michael R. Burch, "At Tintagel", Summer 2003.

Mordant Carnival, "Increments," Spring 2004.

Lynne Chan, "Fairy-Spotting," Spring 2004.

Michael Chant, "Smiling in the Frankincense," Spring 2002.

Celia Coulter, "Transformation," Spring 2004.

Peter Crowther, "In Mendaala with the Rains," Winter 2000.

Keith Allen Daniels, "Scats," Summer 2002.

Corinne De Winter, "The Boy Who Ate Fire," Summer 2002.

Corinne De Winter, "The End of Desire," Summer 2002.

Erin Donahoe, "Beauty's Truth," Winter 2001.

Erin Donahoe, "Hour of the Wolf," Autumn 2001.

Peg Duthie, "The Punk Piper," Winter 2003.

Allison Ellis, "While Diana Sleeps," Winter 2001.

Jerry Rea Ellis, "Centrifugal Shaman," Autumn 2000.

Jerry Rea Ellis, "Dark Cosmos, White Gnosis," Autumn 2002.

Jerry Rea Ellis, "Doxology of the Gnostics," Autumn 2000.

Paul Alan Fahey, "Oh Me. Oh My," Spring 2002.

Michael Fantina, "The Fairy with Mile-Deep Eyes," Winter 2001.

Michael Faulkner, "Touchstone," Autumn 2003.

Jack Flynn, "Burden," Spring 2002.

Sam Franco, "Exhilaration," Autumn 2002.

Joshua Gage, "Ghazal", Spring 2003.

Jon Hansen, "Last Night," Autumn 2003.

Emily Hanson, "A Soul of Silver," Spring 2002.

Emily Hanson, "Thunderstorm," Autumn 2002.

James Herrick, "Rune Lament," Autumn 2000.

Matthew Hewitt, "Tolling Bells," Autumn 2002.

Matthew Hewitt, "An Unfinished Portrait," Autumn 2002.

Rhys Hughes, "The Hungover Ruba'iyat," Summer 2001.

Annette Marie Hyder, "The Golden Bough," Autumn 2001.

Annette Marie Hyder, "The Real Reason the Queen Hated Snow," Winter 2001.

Birgitta Jonsdottir, "The Garden of Idunn," Spring 2002.

Birgitta Jonsdottir, "A Picture of Frigg," Spring 2002.

Birgitta Jonsdottir, "Saga," Spring 2002.

Paul Kloppenborg, "Green Wind," Spring 2002.

Paul Kloppenborg, "Numinia," Autumn 2002.

Deborah P. Kolodji, "Apprentice", Spring 2003.

Deborah P. Kolodji, "The Ash Tree," Autumn 2001.

Deborah P. Kolodji, "By the Shores of Arimaspias," Winter 2001.

Deborah P. Kolodji, "Capelthwaite Barn", Spring 2003.

Deborah P. Kolodji, "Falling Hippogriff Feathers," Winter 2001.

Deborah P. Kolodji, "Seven Years of Bad Luck", Spring 2003.

David C. Kopaska-Merkel, "A Winter's Night," Winter 2001.

David C. Kopaska-Merkel, "Captain Collander Captures Callisto," Autumn 2002.

David C. Kopaska-Merkel, "wendigo," Winter 2002.

Laurel Lamperd, "The Inheritors," Spring 2002.

Sandra Lindow, "At Persephone's Postoffice", Spring 2003.

Sandra Lindow, "Creation: The Negligent Goddess," Summer 2002.

Sandra Lindow, "In the Moon of Lost Objects", Spring 2003.

Sandra Lindow, "Xochiquetzal's Event Xerox", Spring 2003.

Corina Logan, "Unicorn," Winter 2000.

John Lowe, "Calm Surrender," Autumn 2002.

John Lowe, "Legend of the Five Lords," Winter 2002.

John Lowe, "The Pleasure of the Lady," Winter 2002.

John Lowe, "Stewards Like Elves," Winter 2002.

Terry Lowenstein, "Dancers Return", Spring 2003.

Terry Lowenstein, "The Dancing Trees," Winter 2001.

Terry Lowenstein, "A Harvest of Fragrance", Spring 2003.

Terry Lowenstein, "Samhain, 1591," Autumn 2001.

Terry Lowenstein, "The Stones Speak", Spring 2003.

Terry Lowenstein, "The Visitor," Autumn 2002.

Terry Lowenstein, "When Grown Men Feared the Night," Winter 2001.

Terry Lowenstein, "Winter, A Maiden Fair," Winter 2001.

Edward C. Lynskey, "Gretel: A Sestina," Summer 2002.

Edward C. Lynskey, "Hansel: A Sestina," Summer 2002.

Megan Messinger, "Daughter of the Drowned City," Spring 2004.

Rochelle Mitchell, "The Kiss," Summer 2001.

Rochelle Mitchell, "Needlework Dragon," Summer 2001.

JB Mulligan, "The Wedding Feast," Spring 2004.

Carl Olsen, "On Going to See the Blue Whale," Winter 2002.

Kristina Olson, "Echo," Autumn 2003.

Stephen Paling, "The Axe Handle Replies to the Trees," Spring 2001.

Stephen Paling, "The Golden Goose," Spring 2001.

Melissa Pinol, "Banshee," Winter 2000.

Melissa Pinol, "Cerridwen," Autumn 2000.

Melissa Pinol, "Earth Dragon," Winter 2000.

Melissa Pinol, "Endings (To Hecate)," Autumn 2002.

Melissa Pinol, "The Green Man," Autumn 2000.

Melissa Pinol, "Lady of the Mad," Autumn 2001.

Melissa Pinol, "To Lilith," Autumn 2002.

Melissa Pinol, "Shapeshifter's Chant," Winter 2000.

M. S. Raper, "Hammerchant," Autumn 2000.

M. S. Raper, "Harvest Tithe," Autumn 2002.

Dee Rimbaud, "Awaiting the Storm", Summer 2003.

William P. Robertson, "Even Odin," Autumn 2001.

William P. Robertson, "For Life with Dishonor," Winter 2001.

Stephen D. Rogers, "Merlin's Razor," Summer 2001.

Stephen D. Rogers, "The Price of Peace," Summer 2001.

Karen A. Romanko, "Phoenix," Summer 2001.

Karen A. Romanko, "Rebirth," Summer 2001.

LB Sedlacek, "The Map to Atlantis," Spring 2004.

LB Sedlacek, "Treasure Hunter Blueprints," Spring 2004.

Karen Shibuya, "Starcrossed," Spring 2002.

Durlabh Singh, "Kanya Kumari," Autumn 2002.

Durlabh Singh, "Mokele the Beast," Autumn 2002.

Durlabh Singh, "Obtaka the Magician," Autumn 2002.

Bobbi Sinha-Morey, "Sorceress of the Dawn," Spring 2001.

Christina Sng, "Eaters of the Dead," Summer 2002.

Christina Sng, "Margritte of Merlot," Winter 2002.

W. Gregory Stewart, "Alizarin Red S and Alcian Blue," Spring 2001.

Judith Tracy, "Wolves Don't Lie," Spring 2001.

Paul G. Tremblay, "The Visit," Summer 2001.

Paul G. Tremblay, "The Well," Summer 2001.

Lucy A.E. Ward, "Aurora Blue," Winter 2002.

Lucy A.E. Ward, "Eight Minutes," Winter 2002.

Lucy A.E. Ward, "Shadow Cast," Spring 2002.

Lucy A.E. Ward, "Victim No. 8: Futures," Winter 2002.

Jimmy Wayland, "Pining for Ghosts," Winter 2003.

William John Watkins, "The Old Adventurer Stops in Frost's Woods," Summer 2001.

Gary West, "The Water Daemon," Spring 2004.

Thomas Zimmerman, "The Eaters", Summer 2003.

Thomas Zimmerman, "Saint So-and-so," Autumn 2003.