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Fables is produced under the auspices of The Meredith Miller Memorial Internet Project, Inc., a nonprofit incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania, which does accept donations. For further information, or to donate via PayPal, please e-mail


Why Use Banner Ads?

Recent studies have shown that, while banner ads may not translate directly into sales, they are very effective in traditional marketing campaigns. As with advertising in the more traditional media (television, radio, print), advertising on the internet can effectively build brand awareness. Site visitors who see a banner are more likely to remember the site or product advertised, meaning that even those impressions which do not result in a click through are valuable.

Who Should Advertise?

When you place an ad with Fables, you put your message in front of a highly targeted audience. Publishers, other on-line content providers, artists, and SF related companies will likely be the most successful, but almost any organization hoping to increase brand awareness can benefit.

How Much Does It Cost, and What Does the Customer Get?

Each ad is put into a banner rotation during its run. The banners run throughout the entire site, so visitors will see different ads as they navigate, but may see one or more ads multiple times, depending on how long they remain on the site. We can also run ads that run only on the index page for the maximum number of unique visitors who see the ad.

We, like many other ad sellers, offer ads in blocks of 1000. Ads are priced for the number of times the ad will display, not the amount of time it remains on the site. Our current rate of traffic will give you an idea of how long it takes to cycle through a block of 1000 (there are typically 3-5 ads in the standard rotation at any given time).

The cost for advertising in the standard rotation is $25.00 per 1000 impressions (CPM). The cost for advertising in the index-page-only rotation is $40.00 CPM.

We offer a tracking system, so advertizers can see how well their ads are doing, how many they have remaining, click-through rates, etc. This is provided at no additional cost. We can also help design your ad, but an additional cost may apply.

Please contact Larry Miller for more details.


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